Your ultimate electric vouchers app

Your ultimate electric vouchers app

Isn’t it nice to have everything organized in 1 place? Especially if you’re running a business and you want to have all your products available at one stop for all your customers.

That’s exactly how myKedai works. You can have your very own digital kedai right on your phone. You can keep an eye on your kedai anywhere, anytime. 

myKedai is your ultimate electric vouchers app for users in Malaysia. You can use myKedai to provide a variety of services and products for your customers. There are benefits for you too!

Let’s explore some of the top products on myKedai and one benefit that will help you increase your profit.

1. Top up international numbers

If you’ve successfully registered for a myKedai account and top up your wallet, you can instantly make transactions. One of your customers might be interested in topping up their parents’ mobile numbers in Indonesia.

That’s easy with myKedai! In fact, you can top up mobile numbers from 6 countries. They are Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and the Philippines. 

You won’t need to switch into different apps or devices. You can just top up on myKedai. 

2. Top up Indonesia’s e-money

Aside from international numbers, you can also top up Indonesia’s e-money. Your customers can always rely on you whenever they need to top up their kid’s allowance through their e-money.

The e-money products that you can top up with myKedai are:


– GoPay

– LinkAja


So choose the one that your customer want to top up and make a successful transaction!

3. Sell Indonesia’s e-vouchers

You can also sell Indonesia’s e-vouchers on myKedai. Alfamart, Indomaret and Carrefour e-vouchers are available on the app. 

They are some of the most well-loved supermarkets in Indonesia. Enjoy the cheapest fee in Malaysia to sell the e-vouchers on your digital kedai.

Make sure that your customers know you’re selling the e-vouchers so they can always contact you whenever they need to buy some. 

4. Sell PLN token

It’s always great to help your customers purchase the essentials for their family in Indonesia. This includes purchasing PLN token so there’s always electricity flowing without a worry. 

Your digital kedai can be the ultimate place where your customers can purchase PLN token anytime they need. With the smooth and fast transaction myKedai provides, your customer’s family can instantly use the token. 

5. Earn myKedai points

We’ve covered a variety of products that you can sell through your digital kedai. So now let’s explore a bit on the benefit that will help you increase your profit on myKedai.

myKedai rewards users through myKedai points. By making transactions on the app, users can gain these points.

Redeeming myKedai points will help to lower your fee on the app. That way you’ll be able to save more and increase your profit. Users can gain profit up to 10% on the app. 

Let’s provide an excellent service to your customers through myKedai. It’s your ultimate electric vouchers app that fits right in your pocket.

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